Thursday, May 9, 2013

I am now a personal online stylist with Keaton Row.

If you know me and have followed my journey the past couple of years fashion is definitely in my blood and in my heart. I was browsing through LinkedIn one night that I couldn't sleep and came across a job listing that was recommended to me and after reading it I had to apply.

 So here I am I applied to be an online stylist with a great new company called Keaton Row, made by women for women. They only take people who clearly have an eye for fashion and know how to connect with people and well since I design and make clothing and accessories, I've modeled since I was 16 and I'm going to school to get my bachelors in fashion design and minoring in being a stylist I would say this right now is for sure my dream job and I get to do it all from home. How much better could it be.

What to expect when you work with me. I work one on one with all of my clients, I ask a range of questions to make sure you are getting the best from me and I get as close as I can to the vision you are wanting or if you have no idea I'm here for that as well. You can contact me through email anytime and anywhere. Currently the company only works with those in the United States but they definitely plan to expand.

Now what brands are we working with here? Great question they range from Steve Madden, Kate Spade, Piperlime, Shopbop and Trendseeder just to name a few there are over 2000+ items from companies to choose items from clothing, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, purses even going to plus size, maternity and petite. Keaton Row is trying to cater to every woman's need and I want to touch base with as many different styles and personalities as I possibly can.

Keaton Row has also made it to Forbes and that is always a big deal when you hit the Forbes list. Please check out the article to learn more about Keaton Row and they ladies who created it.

When you are ready please contact me on my stylist profile and just click on the pink button " GET STYLED BY ME"

Also maybe you don't want to be styled, sign up through my page and you can become an online stylist just like me : )

Get ready for a fashion a fashion explosion!! I'm setting up a facebook fanpage right now for weekly fashion talk, I will post lookbooks, tips and so much more.

Day to night Lookbook

Krista Reese
Keaton Row personal stylist

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  1. Krista, I am considering becoming a stylist for Keaton Row and would like some more information from a current stylist. Can I email you questions? You can reach me at cjdempsey9 at msn dot com Thanks so much!